June 6, 2017
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June 6, 2017

OEM/ODM Service

The unique advantage of Nuo Jia Yuan is the establishment of a professional R&D team and experienced production factory. We have a smart watch integrated R&D and efficient production capacity. Nuo jia Yuan summarize decades of experience in the industry, to provide customers with two types of smart watches on the high-quality business model. In order to comply with rapid response, low cost, high quality and other requirements of customers. One is the OEM production model, the other is the ODM production model.

OEM: Customers provide design drawings to us. We are responsible for the procurement of smart watches, processing, assembly, commissioning, packaging and other services. Ultimately we offer quality products to our customers.

ODM: Customers provide design specifications to us. We are responsible for the design drawings in accordance with the specifications, and we also responsible for processing, finished assembly, patch, and other one-stop supporting processing business. While more broadly accepting technical support customers. We can provide customers with source code, SDK and other services. Full support for customer software, UI customization needs. Professional mold manufacturing, injection molding, silk screen and other services have implemented a scientific and standardized management and operations. It can fully guaranteed the high-quality high-quality product research and development capabilities. Able to respond quickly to customer terminal needs.