NO.1 F5 Smartwatch Discount

The first GPS bracelet — NO.1 F5, anything new about it

Recently NO.1 smartwatch releases a new model, the bracelet series NO.1 F5 Buy from here:

As a fitness band, F5 is built for sports. It has built-in GPS sensor, independently, you can use the GPS without your phone. NO.1 takes advantages of the GPS in the sports. Cycling, climbing, running, it will record your trajectory, speed, time, distance and of course, the calorie burnt. Check the pics below, my colleague went to cycling weeks ago with the F5. This is the trajectory the F5 recorded, you can check this on the companion app. In the left window, click the map, you’ll get the full trajectory, like the right one.


As for climbing, this bracelet is more professional. The built in GPS sensor can record your route, the altimeter can real time display the height, you can see the increasing altitude with your legs moving. Beside, the real time changing Air-pressure, this is also very important when you climbing the mountains, it is important for your health.

Last but not least, the thermometer. F5 has built-in thermometer, not like the previous products, which receive the data from internet, it can real time display the temperature, just like the Casio watch, with a fire nearby, the result will increase rapidly. You don’t need to worry about the wrong positioning, wrong data/temperature like the previous products. Real time temperature measurement will give you the a correct result.1_副本


As a fitness band, F5 supports Heart rate measurement, calorie burnt, steps record; besides, the app can record the sports data, as you can see the left one is the sleep quality, below is the heart rate; and the right one is the calorie burnt. It will help you achieve fitness goals.

heart rate sleepScreenshot_20171208-181545

With good hardware and companion app, what users need is a durable frame, a waterproof structure. The frame is not metallic, as we know, metallic frame will influence the GPS signal, so we use some light but durable material to build up this tightly, waterproof structure, so you can have a better user experience.

Any question please feel free to comment, I’ll reply as soon as possible.

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  1. Hello,

    I used an F5 smartwatch for 1 month. The altitude meter shows below zero from the 2nd week but I live ~240 m above see level. The air pressure measuring is correct. How can I solve the altitude measuring error?

    Thank you very much,

  2. Hi I have not used my smart watch f5 for a while and battery is flat when I charge it it wont charge just buzzes when I connect it to charger can you advise me please also I dont no how to flash or reload firmware if that is what I need to do thanks

  3. hi – two issues i am facing ,
    1. How to get my what’s app calls or message to my watch? I don’t see option in HPlus app?
    2. Total salaries burnt including resting calories , how and where I can separate them?

    1. Hi ,which smart watch?
      Second, you can turn on notifications on device column on app Hplus.
      Third, the calories is calculated in its own way

  4. I’m having a new problem with my F5 smartwatch. From last week it keeps showing KX023 Err on the watch and the only thing that is working is the time and hard rite. I have restarted is a few times and even tried to reinstall the firmware and nothing seems to work please help.

    1. KX023 Err stands for that the gravity sensor is broken, you need to contact the seller store and upload a few photos to show your problem

  5. witam, czy mogę trenować w F5 numer 1, aby edytować Endomondo i jaką aplikację

  6. It’s a good idea to do:
    First, open the firmware source code: I need to fix some bugs and improve some features, especially gps and sports activities. when you open the source code, another user can help.
    second, open the bluetooth communication protocol: HPlus is not so good either.
    and both have infrequent updates.

  7. Should I have a question? I have troubles with my F5 watches, everytime if I sync my watches with my phone I lose 24h time format on my watches. So I tried upgrade firmware in my watches, but upgrade didn’t work. I went step by step by your manual and everytime if i tried to upgrade by apk everytime finished with error message GATT INVALIDE HANDLE. My firmware in watches is 1.58 and H+ app is 3.5.2 (phone is Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus with Android 7.1.2 + MIUI

  8. Hey! I need help! I bought no1 f5 this week, today I wear it for the first time and smartwatch do not count the steps. I do not know if I should turn on something or it just should start counting right away after I wear it. What would happend?

    Thank you in advance!!

    1. Hello Martyna, did you try to reset it? How about the turn wrist to awke the screen function?

  9. Jayesh Rawal

    My no. 1 f5 smartwatch restarts automatically almost every day. This is happening after update manually from 1.63 to 1.66.15. Now when it’s restarts the whole activity resets to zero no back up, so everything is lost. Kindly advise me for the same. Also i have a minor scratch on glass so how to replace it. I think it is a screen protector.

    1. Hello Jayesh, thanks for your report, we’ll do some test to figure out what is going wrong. And about the screen protector, sorry but there is no online store selling this.

    2. For screen protector you can find it on ebay. Search 33 mm round tempered glass. I have bought it and it is super

    1. The time format, the watch is synced to your phone, but date format, no, I’m sorry, it is not possible to change it.

  10. Mattthev

    There is a problem with Hplus, since last update few weeks ago it not update clocks on watch anymore. The other app Hplus Watch is updating clocks just fine.

  11. Hi Jon,

    I got the F5 with firmware 1.58.7, I tried the app (HPlus 3.3.7) to update and it keeps telling me it is up to date. Now I have tried to upgrade manually to 1.66 and the following keeps happing: uploading (starting DFU-starting bootloader=disconnected-connecting-starting DFU-disconnecting)-upload failed, at the bottom of my screen the following message appears ( GATT INVALID HANDLE) and the watch resets.
    Phone I’m using is Huawei Mate9 with Android 8.0

    1. Hello Henk, you need to reboot the watch and the phone and then make another try. 🙂

  12. Amila Withanage



    I live in Sri Lanka where I can’t find F5 in local market..

    I’m planning to visit Bali, this week.. Could you recommend a place in Bali to grab a F5?

    And appreciate your support for the users!

    Thanks in Advance!

    1. Hello Amila, we have some partners in India, but I don’t know where to buy this product, I mean in local market, I don’t know where you can find it, sorry.

  13. Hallo!
    I have bought DTNO.1 F5 watch. Now I have it for a week. Batery is verry good. i have not turn off the watch yet, and it works. Baterry has not drained even a half and I use GPS and sport programs every day. I have a proposal to tell your engeneers to make this watch better together with HPlus software for phone.
    It could be very helpful to for me as a sportsman (I am a runner) to see seconds on watch, and on HPlus aplication, especialy in “Activity”. I can only see minutes how long I have run, but not seconds. Also stopwatch and counter (programabile) are missing in this watch. I belive that sportswatch must have this two things. One thing what is missing is possibility to store results on computer or in cloud.
    After running I have tried to share my run on public network with map, but I did not succedit. Only lane without map is wisible on picture, although in HPlus aplication I can see everything.
    In sportsprogram it could be good to put Gym and Fitness. Now I use in Gym program for Trademill but it is not that what I need.
    Sometimes, when I work in the night, I sleep during the day. Why I can not setup time for sleep monitor?
    Also it could be good to se batery in procent. Maybe only in HPlus aplication?
    Can I buy anywhere protective film or tempered glass to protect display for this watch?
    But I must say this is a great watch for this money. Other than That, great battery life. I hope I will use it for long time.

  14. The two buttons on the right stopped working. The watch is working and the touch button is also working. Bluetooth connection is fine. I just cannot use the two buttons on the right. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. Is anybody hearing me? Can you please at least provide a video on how to disassemble this watch?

          1. Sorry, but without the watch, I don’t know what is going wrong, I can’t help you, sorry.

  15. Hi.
    I have bought No. 1 F5. How can I setup sleep monitor to monitor my sleeping?

    1. Hello Julio, the sleep monitor will turn on automatically at 9:00 pm to 10:00 am.

  16. Gabriele

    Buongiorno Jon. È possibile sapere dove vengono archiviati i dati dell’orologio nell’applicazione Hplus. Vorrei saperlo per salvarli in caso che devo eseguire un hard reset del telefono. In questo modo potrei riposizionarli per non perdere i vecchi allenamenti. Saluti Gabriele

    1. Hello Gabriele, oh, I never thought about this, sorry, I don’t know where it stored, but recently we are working on the exporting the sports data from the Hplus, so that it can be used for other apps. Any news I’ll let you know.

  17. Hello,
    Recently i brought No1 F5,
    1. Frequently i am getting connection issues and is there any other app can be used other than Hplus?
    2. How to update the firmware, because whenever i try to update via Hplus, app is crashing, Is there any other way?
    3. Whenever i sync with Phone all my person settings were reset (like i want my F5 in manual mode for switching display but it turning to Auto whenever sync is performed).

    Please help me with above clarifications

  18. As others reported, when updating to 1.66 firmware, the watch went into a constant vibration mode and is unresponsive. Watch was fully charged. How do I reboot the watch?

    1. Hello John, you just need to flash the firmware again and after firmware updated, it will reboot.

      1. The watch stopped buzzing after many hours, but now no longer appears to charge. Left on charge all day, watch is warm, but does not turn on. I think firmware 1.66 update bricked my watch. Please advise.

  19. Hello,
    It would be great if it was possible to sync the data with google fit.

    1. Hello Cedric, thanks for your suggestion. But I’m sorry, google fit can’t read the date from F5.

  20. Dear Jon, the procedure was done. Everything is alright. I have used a connection to DFUTARG. Thank you

  21. I bought the watch in February 2018. In the same month I manually updated the firmware from version 1.58.6 to 1.60.5. Yesterday I wanted to update from 1.60.5 to 1.63.0.
    During the installation but (about 7%) the update failed.
    The display is off and the watch just buzzes and vibrates until the battery went out (it took about 5 hours). Buttons do not respond. I wanted to charge the battery again. When I connected the watch to the charger, it starts buzzing and vibrating again.
    After a poor update, the watch is down. What can I do with it?

    1. Hello there, sometimes it happened but don’t worry, you just need to use the firmware/app to connect the dead watch and then update the firmware. (Make sure your phone screen is lit) After the installation goes to 100%, the watch will be alive again.

  22. Any idea why the notification functions doesn’t work consistently? Text messages used to show up then it stopped. Please help!

    1. Hello Sean, check the notification settings in the HPlus app, if it is because you occasionally closed it. If it still not works, unbind and reconnect will help.

  23. Mattthev

    The latest 1.63 firmware seems to drain battery faster than the original I had 🙁 Can you pls fix it? Also add 24h clock format, stopwatch,… pls.

    1. Hello Mattthev, thanks for your report. About the battery life, we’ll test it. But the 24 hour format, actually the time format is synced from your phone, you can change your phone to 12 hour format then connect to F5, click the sync button, and then change to 24 hour format, click the sync button. (if it did not change successfully, try it several times)

      1. Mattthev

        Thanks for the tip I will try the 24 hour format. There seems to be problem when I turned off my F5. I don’t use it all day so I turn it off. I turned the F5 off for 2 days with half of the battery and when I want to turn it on it says low battery. It is not properly turned off or something some sleep issue with firmware. Pls test it and fix it, it’s really bad thing for me. Thank you.

          1. Mattthev

            I’ve updated to 1.66, but the problem with draining battery when F5 is turned off is still there. I’ve charged F5 to full battery and turned it off for 24 hours and when I turned it on there is less battery 🙁 Pls fix this problem with draining battery when F5 is off. Thank you.

          2. Hello Mattthev, thanks for your report. I’ll tell our engineers about your report.

          3. Did you make a reset after you update the firmware? I’m afraid that the GPS is on.

          4. Mattthev

            It seems that it is fine after factory reset, maybe some bug. Battery is not draining when it is off. Thank you.

  24. Gabriele

    Buongiorno ho scaricato i vari firmware del mio F5 ma ho riscontrato diversi problemi sopratutto con la connessione del GPS. La prima versione del firmware non mi dava problemi è possibile scaricarla? Mi indicate il link per scaricare la versione 1.58.6.
    Grazie Gabriele

      1. Gabriele

        Sinceramente si Jon, mi causa diversi problemi, inoltre quando si aggancia al satellite parte in automatico il cronometro e non lo trovo funzionale. Mi servirebbe la prima versione, come scritto sopra, mi individuava molto velocemente il satellite. Grazie Gabriele

        1. Does the latest version not work for you? I don’t have the first firmware version. There is a important update in the latest version.

          1. Gabriele

            Funziona ma sembra che sia più lenta nel connettersi al satellite. Con la prima versione mi sembrava più veloce. Però la funzione più fastidiosa dell’ultima versione è che il cronometro parte automaticamente. Questa è una mia opinone. Per quanto riguarda la funzione 24 ore purtroppo quando si connette all’applicazione Hplus viene persa. Il problema è presente anche nell’ultima versione 3.2.2. Saluti Gabriele

          2. OK Gabriele, which version do you want? I’ll check if I have the firmware.

          3. Gabriele

            La versione 1.66 sembra sia veloce nella connessione. Non capisco come mai quando si mette la funzione running e fissa il gps il cronometro parte automaticamente . Tutto il resto lo trovo perfetto. Saluti Gabriele

          4. Hello Gabriele, thanks for your feedback. Because usually you start to exercise after the watch is positioned, you don’t need to manually press the button to start to exercise.

  25. Too bad – could be good but the fact that all your data is not synced to an account means it can all disappear if you use a different phone or ever replace the F5. The app needs serious work, as does the firmware on the watch. For example, we need the ability to delete gps workouts.

    1. Hello John, the watch will store the data and you can also sync the data to the HPlus app, but yes, you are right, there is no option to save in an account, if you use another phone the data will be erased.

  26. After two months of use in running, completely unfinished, like many Chinese products, simplistic Hplus application.
    Could be good but would require a very very big firmware update, and a serious and intensive work for developers. Only the price is good but if it doesn’t work properly it’s not a good thing.

      1. Hi Jon, I am running this firmware, and it is good that the GPS is improved, but some more improvements are needed still. The tracking of activities is very limited (not what we see during the activity, but what we get in Hplus), and we need some kind of export (at least GPX, if possible TCX). The addition of “Find your way back” will also give a better usage of the GPS.
        I still like the watch, but replaced it by a Suunto. It’s not working well enough to replace a proper sport watch (even if I actually find it less buggy than Garmin :). Returned the Garmin, kept the F5)

        1. Hello Alain, thanks for your suggestion. Not sure if this watch supports these features, I’ll ask our engineers about this.

          1. The export of GPX is very important and it should be improved as soon as possible. Now usages of this smartwatch are very limited.

          2. Thanks for your suggestion, John, any good news, I’ll keep u informed.

  27. Mattthev

    I’ve bought F5 on Gearbest they have told me that I can turn off bluetooth on them, but it’s not possible. I don’t use F5 with my smartphone since it’s not really necessary, I would love to see option to turn the bluetooth off and not radiate BT all day long without any reason. Could you please add option for disabling BT? It’s the only thing I don’t really like on my F5 and screen brightness is not working no matter if I set 1,2 or 3 it’s always the same 🙁 and also the display isn’t very straight placed it’s a bit askew, but it’s fine.
    I’ve also installed the firmware from guide you have posted and it’s much better, the new GPS interface is awesome. Is the Hplus app working for updates? I had 1.58 version and it was showing I that have the latest firmware, but in the guide there was 1.60… so OTA updates don’t work?
    Thank you.

    1. Mattthev

      And also 24h time format and different date formats would be awesome together with timer and stopwatch. 🙂

    2. Hello Mattthev, it is a pity that the bluetooth can’t be turned off. About the latest HPlus app, you can download it from Google Play.

      1. Mattthev

        Could you please add turning off bluetooth function?
        I have latest Hplus, but it always says latest firmware, but even it’s not true.
        Also the brigthness function will you fix it? It’s not working for me at all no matter if I set 1,2 or 3 it’s still same brightness. Completly not visible on sunlight…
        Thank you.

        1. Hello Mattthev, I’m sorry, I don’t know if it is possible to add the option to turn off bluetooth. There will be a new firmware, it improves the GPS positioning interface. About the brightness, I’m afraid we can’t improve it, it is the hardware, the limitation of this kind of screen.

          1. Mattthev

            But my birghtness setting is not working at all. I can’t set any brightness it’s still the same…

  28. I need a replacement charger cable for my F5. Can you supply. What cost in NZ dollars? shipping cost to NZ? Please advise urgently. Thank you

  29. Chaowanin

    On the web site showing support Thai language. But for notification message the watch not support to display Thai language. How to configure it to display Thai language correctly ?

    1. Hello Chaowanin, the notification will be the same as your phone’s language, but the app may not support Thai, only English.

  30. john pomakis

    I think your engineers should lean on the screen brightness of no1 F5 can not see in daylight

  31. I tried to record some of the activities, I tried the basketball one, saved it but I can’t see it in the phone app. Looks like the app only shows 4 activities (walking, running, hiking, biking), there’s no way to measure swimming on the watch, but on the app it shows as an option in the “Goal” section. On the watch, there’s option to record treadmill, basketball, badminton and soccer, but does not show on the app. Please let me know when the next update will be and if it will address these issues. Thanks!

    1. Yes, F5 doesn’t support swimming, you can check all the sports in the history.

  32. By when will a firmware and application update be available? I would like to be able to receive whatsapp notifications and that the smartwatch detects the steps better.

  33. Hello. I’ve jus bought F6 and:
    1. Why there is no stopwatch? It is simple programming thing for this watch. And You can make tapscreen with this hardware platform You have like timex for example
    2. Why there is no timer? It is good for sport, for some exercise, good for sport rutines, good for interval training
    3. Why there is only one alarm? In proggrams You can do anything;)

  34. I have a problem with time format (there is only 12h possibility). F5 actual FW is 1.58.6. I have used your offered SW to upgrade FW to 1.60.5, but w/o any success. The final message was “upload failed: GATT INVALID HANDLE”. I have tried and APP HPlus (version 3.1.7) there is info that “latest version already”. Why I can´t upgrade the FW ?
    The following messages gradually appear:
    upload – uploading (starting DFU-starting bootloader=disconnected-connecting-starting DFU-disconnecting)-upload failed: GATT INVALID HANDLE

    1. The problem is solved. I have used another phone with Android 6 and everything is OK. My current phone has Android 7.

    2. Glad that you solved it by yourself, sorry for the delay, we just finished a long vacation.

  35. Hello.. I have buy the f5 and I just want to ask you the way to see my sleep quality in Hplus app. I can see how many hours slept in the watch but nothing in the app even after sync too. Thank you

    1. Hello Larry, usually you need to click the sync button manually to sync the data.

  36. The firmware upgrade page leaves out steps and it wont work for me. Do you install the firmware APK through the DRU app by selecting “Application” as the type? I tried all options but the DRU app states the firmware APK is an “invalid file”. The upload button is never available. Please assist.

    1. I figured it out. You need to explain that the firmware is incorporated within the standalone app, in the linked APK. I installed the DRU app first and was trying to load the linked APK as the watches firmware – confusing documentation.

  37. Hi, I wonder if you have any plan to openaource the firmware or making an sdk for this great F5 watch? Pebble did it. Garmin also did it. This will attract more hackers/developers to make the watch better. I, a developer, included.

    Please email me if you plan to openaource it.

  38. Hi, I use F5 with on IOS 11.2.2 and HPLUS
    I think that the hardware could be good but the firmare must be very improved
    I find the following problems:
    •The recording of sleep goes on alternate days sometimes I find it, other times not, with the smartwatch always on my wrist
    •There is no export of the gps track towards Strava or other systems.
    •The recorded track does not show the map in Italy
    •You can not configure the altitude, on the smartwatch there is a reset but only at sea level and I instead live in mountain. Is it necessary configure the altitudine before each trekking but I can’t go to sea in order to reset.
    • Whatsapp messagese aren’t shown, you see only the sender

    I hope that my indications can be useful for the next release of the app and/or firmware

  39. Gabriele

    Buongiorno avete un forum dove poter fare domande, ricevere risposte, avere consigli e fare suggerimenti? Grazie Gabriele

  40. Gabriele

    Buongiorno ho installato manualmente l’ultimo aggiornamento del mio F5 v1.60.5 e ho notato un problemino. quando vado sull’orologio ad impostare la data e seleziono il mese il display inizia a lampeggiare in modo anomalo. Inoltre darei un suggerimento per il prossimo firmware, l’accensione del display con il movimento del polso attualmente ad ogni movimento il display si accende e si spegne questo procedimento non è molto funsionale quando si fa sport perche avvolte basta un movimento per far si che il display si spenga. io suggerirei che una volta acceso il display per il movimento del polso si debba attendere il tempo impostato per lo spegnimento, e non che a ogni movimento il display riceva un imput di accensione o spegnimento.
    Saluti Gabriele

  41. Hello Jon,
    I think your engineers should lean on the screen brightness of no1 F5! … can not see in daylight, that makes it insufficient!


    Hello everyone,
    I noticed that the No1 F5 smartwatch does not adjust the brightness,
    The brightness I see at level 1 equals level 2 and 3!
    I’ve updated smarwatch to version 1.60.5, but it keeps the same problem …
    Is trouble because to do outdoor workout you can not see the watch face.
    Is there any way to fix this?
    Thank you

    1. Brightness have improve, but can not see 100% clear under sun. it is hard to make very clear under sun.

      1. Hello Jon
        Not sure what you are referring to when you talk about a new interface. I have already the latest version. 1.60.5 installed and I do not see any particular interface when I connect the GPS. Can you please be a little bit more specific? Thanks

        1. Hello Jorge, sorry, they are still testing the 1.6.1 version, this current one still not have the new interface. 😐 They’ll release it soon.

  43. Bruno Bicho

    Hello Jon, I already managed to sync with the hplus watch and the track and the map already appears to me. However it is very difficult to get the GPS signal. Is it possible that the smart watch will ever be able to connect with strava or have a better support app ????

    1. Hello Bruno, I know you runners all like Strava, but I’m afraid it isn’t able to connect to strava, our engineers are working on the HPlus to make it possible to export the GPX file. Hope they could add this feature in the Hplus.

  44. Bruno Bicho

    Hello John, GPS works perfectly, activates and records the route, but the map (google maps) does not appear , Just the route. What is the latest ios firmware?
    thank you

    1. Hello Bruno, the latest app version is 2.1.3. There is also a new firmware, please check the firmware update.

  45. Hello there. Is the heart rate 7/24?
    I ask that because i want to see the diagram of the day. Thank you

  46. Hi Jon… Any progress with whataspp notification so far? Still using the hplus watch instead of hplus app because of it….. And also the brightness of the screen…. I remember long time ago we had a chat and. You told me about that brightness issue and the fact that you cannot see anything at all in day light conditions….. Any thing we can do about it?….. Really annoying….. Other than That, great watch and battery life

    1. Hello Jorge, sorry still no reply from our engineers. I told them about the HPlus watch could receive the WhatsApp notifications and … Sorry.

      About the brightness, make sure you have choose the level 3 and … sorry.

      1. hi there… Jon I know about the brightness Level 3…. I would like to know if you see any way your people can increase the brightness of the screen by firmware….. You will agree the watch is useless under direct sun light

        1. Hello Jorge, I’m sorry, but nope, I asked our engineers many times about this. But still no progress, the brightness can’t be increased.

          1. Hello nino, sorry, this kind of color screen is not as like the LED screen.

  47. Bruno Bicho

    hello Jon recently bought an F5 and when I went to test run gps tracking appeared the track of the race but the map was blank !! I have tried to update the firmware but the download is an apk file and I have Iphone I can not update.
    I would like to know what to do to show the track on the map

  48. Hi Friend. Please. I Have a No.1 F5. They are good watches, but I want to ask if you can change the displayed time format?For example, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon to appear as 15:00 and not as 3:00? Thank you

      1. Hi, I installed the firmware according to the instructions. The time format is fine. After connecting your Bluetooth watch to Hplus, the time format will again change to 12h 🙁 I have to reboot the watch to factory settings.

          1. Hi, thank you for answer. I installed the firmware, but after connecting to Hplus, I set the time again to 12h format :-(. One more question. The pedometer shows very interesting values. My 10 steps are recorded as 70 on my watch 🙂

          2. Hello Hns, thanks for your report. The pedometer issue, yes, I received this issue before, hope they will fix it soon.

          3. Hello, I have been tracking that the transition to the 12h format is at 12:59. Then it will show 1:00 instead of 13:00. Where can I find new firmware information?

          4. Ok, thank you. I will try this idea. I just want to ask. Is it working to repair the pedometer? Incorrect Values? Where can I read about the repair? Thanks

    1. Hi, thank you for you answer. I updated the firmware according to the instructions and everything is ok. time is in the correct format. But when I connect my watch to the Hplus application, the time is again automatically set to 12h format 🙁 I have to restart my watch to factory settings again.

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  50. Features Requested for F5:
    1) Altimeter that give altitude relative to 101.5 kPa
    2) Add Swim Sport
    3) Hplus full of bugs and translation to Italian is awful. Give a feature tu choice a diffrent language.

    1. Hello Lorenzo,

      The altimeter is a Relative height measuring. Not the same as the barometer measuring the Air-pressure.
      Although F5 is IP67 waterproof, we are not recommended to take it for swimming, because the barometer sensor, we could not create a highly sealed frame for it.
      The language of HPlus is the same as your phone…

  51. Hy
    Have a problem with the watch No1 F 5. Cant connect it with any phone. It just does not show up anywhere.
    The watch is reseting itself after every 1-2hours. Does not allow to turn on GPS.

  52. Hi. I have a no.1 f5 ( the third no.1 that I have had and I think the better one). But the smartwatch has a problem. Sometimes it loses the counting of steps, and It starts from O during the day. How could I solve the problem? Thanks

      1. Yes, but It resets not only at 0.00 Everyeye day, but also sometimes it resets during the day…

        1. Hello Luigi, when does it reset? How many times it happens? Sorry, but this is weird, no one encountered this before, we need more info to solve it.

          1. Hi Jon and thanks for your attention. It resets sometimes, some day the counting never resets, some day It resets once or two during the day

          2. OK, Luigi, thanks for your report, I’ll tell our engineers about this info.

  53. Dear jon
    Hello there. I just received my NO. 1 F5 and I have a problem with my notifications in android .. I can see notifications from almost every aplication except from whatsapp. I cannot see any coming to my phone… Any suggestion? It is a bit confusing. Thanks

    One more issue I have found is that it is almost impossible…. (Almost is very optimistic) to see the screen outdoors….. Today it’s not a sunny day and I cannot see anything outside…. Any expected firmware to. Solve this issue? Otherwise is useless outdoors. Thanks

    One more issue…. The gps {after more than 30 minutes test outdoors} does not recognize my position at all. It says I am in Africa while I am in America…. Also the GPS time is 17:40 while my actual time is 12:40. Any idea how to setup properly the gps? Thanks