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Five Reasons to Buy the NO.1 G5
Date2016/8/8 19:03:02

For most friends who have running, riding and other outdoor sports hobbies to say, at all times and places, to control their own health index is crucial. Now, just relying on a mobile phone APP software application to test data is already unable to meet the needs of users, therefore, a professional and fashionable smart watch can be described as a wise choice. Well, No.1 G5 smart watch may be a good choice.

First, this is a low-cost high-quality and cost-effective product. On August 12, this watch will be sold at an activity price of $19.99 and free shipping. Please pay attention-- “On August 12”, so if you like this watch, please seize the time to buy it. There’s only onechance.

Second, the No.1 G5 smart watches fashion slim, sportswear, the appearance with 9.9 mm ultra-thin fashion design, ultra-thin and super light body, daily wear fashionable in style, sports wear easily without pressure.

Third, the watch supports all-day pedometer, calorie usage records, allows you to record day life trajectory, monitoring and managing your body, allows you to adjust your life rhythm, open healthy lifestyle.

Fourth, the watch case with 316L stainless steel material, good gloss appearance, excellent corrosion resistance, so you can easily remove surface stains. This makes the watch look more better, it can also show your good taste.

Fifth, it can be perfectly compatible with Android/IOS mobile phones, you can share your health data with friends anytime and anywhere, to enjoy the happiness of share.

Overall, this is an affordable smart watch. It seems implied a kind of concept-- “fashion, lightweight, sports in style”, also let people see smart watches from the “fun” to “practical” progress.

If you want to know more details, please watch the video.