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About NO.1 D6 Smartwatch System Bug Solution
Date2016/7/27 15:04:48

NO.1 D6 Smart watch with Android 5.1. Since the beginning of sales, we got a lot of support from customers. NO.1 sincerely service our customers. If our customers have any problems, we are very happy to help them.

Last week, our NO.1 D6 appear a bug of system. Some customers reflect can not OTA update firmware. The bug is " Your system was damaged, wireless update is disabled!".

According to this bug, our engineers worked day and night to solve it. Finally, our engineers detected a problem is the June 24 version. So they make a  new version of firmware to solve this customers problem.

Specific operation as below. At first, you need to reset the NO.1 D6. Click through " Setting", then enter " Reset equipment" and then enter " Factory data reset". Factory reset is completed.

The second,  you need to follow the system remind you to update the latest version of firmware. Follow these operation, this bug is solved.

For customers reflect the problem, we will deal with as soon as possible. Thank you for your support.