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Using method of DIY custom dial
Date2016/4/15 17:03:10

(1) Entire custom dial divided into six parts, 1 hour, 2minute, 3 second hand, 4 background, 5 preview picture, 6 scale.

(2) The system is identified by name and dial generatedautomatically.

(3) As long as the names of six parts of the above areright, and put them into a file called the Clock.

(4) Then put this file into the memory of watch by thecomputer. The dial will be generated automatically.

As shown below,


the name of hour called hour_hand. PNG format images


the name of minute called minute_hand. PNG format images


the name of second hand called second_hand. PNG format images


the name of backgroundcalled bg. JPG format images


the name of previewpicture called preview. PNG format images


the name of scalecalled clock_bg. PNG format images


Two parts

(1) Connect thewatch to the computer by date line.

(2) Watch willappear in the following pages, select Mass storage.

(3) Copy the file of clock to the watch from the computer.

(4) Newly watch face is finished.

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