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Frequently asked questions

1Why NO.1 D5, D5 +, D6, D7 can not make/answer Bluetooth calling?

Hi, Android smartwatch are different from our other Bluetooth smartwatch, they can't make a call without a sim card, but it will notify you when there is an incoming call.

2Why the computer can not detect my watch?

Hi, it maybe computer drive problem, please try to find a xp system or window 7 system computer. Here is the win7 driver. https://goo.gl/Gsddpb And please try it again

3How to write the IMEI code?

Hi, Please visit our blog about how to write the IMEI code. http://www.chinawatchs.com/how-to-write-imei-on-no-1-smartwatch/.

4How to unbind account of NO.1 F2?

Hi, Please visit our blog about how to unbind the account. http://www.chinawatchs.com/how-to-remove-the-account-in-no-1-f2/

5How to update firmware of MTK2502 smart watch?

Hi, Please find the xp or win7 system computer. And you can visit our blog about how to update the firmware. http://www.chinawatchs.com/mtk-smartwatch-update-the-proper-way/.

6How to update the Android smart watch?

Hi, Please find the xp or win7 system computer. And you can visit our video about how to update the firmware. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=356cm8t6MBs.

7How to add the VXP watch face?

Hi, you can add the dial from our watch face website. And here is the tutorial. http://www.chinawatchs.com/how-to-create-a-vxp-watch-face/

8Why is F1 Bluetooth always automatically disconnected?
Hi, maybe your smartphone is Android system. There is the Android permission problem. You need to open the smartphone intelligent background management. And allow it to access incoming call, message and contacts at settings in running background.
9Where can I download the firmware for my watch?

Hi, you can update the firmware from our website via xp or win7 system computer. http://en.001phone.cn/download.html

10How to deal with the broken watch?

Hi, please turn to the seller for help. Please contact their customer service for a refund or replacement

11Where can I download the Fundo Wear or Fundo SmartDevice?

Hi, simply you can find them on Google Play, you can also download them from our website. http://en.001phone.cn/2502-cpu-smartwatch-connect-app.html

12Where can I buy these smartwatch?

Hi, you can buy our smart watch from our partner online shop. http://en.001phone.cn/cooperate-html.

13Why there is no mobile data while my sim card inserted?

Hi, maybe your smartwatch have not IMEI code. Please try to enter the”*#06#”to check the imei code. If it has not imei code, pls try to write it. Then it can be used normally.

14Can I install custom watchface in Android watches?

yes of course, you can download the watchface here. http://www.watchfaceup.com/android.php

And how to install watchface on your watch, download and extract the watchface, connect your watch to pc, create a new folder in your watch(folder must be named ClockSkin), transfer the files to the folder, make sure there is no double folder in the clockskin folder, otherwise, the watchface will not display. Go to the watchface page, long press and select the one you like.

15Why I can't install Fundo wear/Fundo smartdevice in my phone?

Hi, it is because there is a compatible issue between Fundo wear and Fundo smartdevice, you can't install both of them in your phone. If you need another app, please delete the one in your phone.

16How to update the F4 firmware manually?

Currently the most stable firmware is the 0.1.8 version. You can download it and follow the firmware to make a firmware update manually. http://www.chinawatchs.com/how-to-update-the-f4-firmware-manually/

17F4 app is detected as malware, can't install it via Google Play?

You can download the apk here. http://en.001phone.cn/fundo-pro.html This problem is caused by the Google Play, not the app

18How to use the GPS in smartwatch F5 to start running?

Check this tutorial, there are three sports, running, cycling, climbing, all these sports can use the GPS. http://www.chinawatchs.com/how-to-use-the-gps-in-smartwatch-f5-to-start-running/.

19NO.1 F5 no steps record, but calorie burnt calculated.
I know you did not wear it, actually this is not a bug, as we know, when your first connect to the HPlus, you need to set up your physical information. This calorie burnt is calculated scientifically, it depends on your personal status. To be honest, this design is copied Garmin, even you put it there, there is no steps records, it will calculate an adult's daily calorie burnt.
20NO.1 F5 not accurate altimeter or barometer calculated.
About the altimeter and the barometer, it is normal to have some differences, while compares to the weather forecast. One reason is the hardware limitation, another it is the weather forecast and the local's difference. And as I said before, the altimeter doesn't like other watches, it calculates the height, depends on where you reset it. :) For an example, when you reset it on the first floor, and then you go to 26 floor, if every floor is 3 meters high, then the result will be 75 meters.
21How to update the F5 firmware?
F5 supports online firmware update. Where to find the update option? Go to Mine(your personal information), click the firmware version. If there is a new firmware, you can update it. Check this screenshot. https://secureservercdn.net/图片20171227104945.png
22How to set intervals in F5 GPS training?
This watch does not have this setting. You just need to press the start button to stop the training, and then you can click again to resume the training.
23How to update the F5/F7 firmware manually?
You can download the latest firmware here, please check this tutorial. http://www.chinawatchs.com/no-1-f5-how-to-manually-update-the-firmware/
24How to use the compass in NO.1 F7?
F7 has built-in Geomagnetic sensor. Please check this tutorial, follow the steps. http://www.chinawatchs.com/how-to-use-the-compass-in-no-1-f7/