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NO.1 D5+ Official Firmware

NO.1 D5+ Official Firmware 20161124 Version: https://goo.gl/9QYlC5    

NO.1 D5+ Official Firmware 20160918 Version, solved watchface bug. https://goo.gl/mMH3JJ

NO.1 D5+ Official Firmware 20160923 Version, solved watchface bug https://goo.gl/DGIyyV

 NO.1 D5+ Official Firmware 20161030 Version, 1. Optimize heart rate measurements 2. Optimize standby current:    https://goo.gl/zvL0XJ

NO.1 D5+ Official Firmware 20161124 Version: https://goo.gl/ZGWR4X

NO.1 D5+ Official Firmware 20161226 Version: https://goo.gl/oDkUtc

1, Change watch interface to square format

NO.1 D5+ Official Firmware 20161229 Version: https://goo.gl/DpuIN3 , This firmware is for new DDR version in D5+(we update DDR2 to DDR3), About how distinguish old version and new version, please check here: http://www.chinawatchs.com/new-soc-in-no-1-d5-plus/

If there not flash tool, please download from here: https://goo.gl/lYRIII

Follow those steps upgrade firmware: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=356cm8t6MBs

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  • Commenting time:2017/2/24 0:30:46
Message:I just received my smartwatch.how can i distinguish between W613 and W612 D5+
Reply:Hi, this article will help you to distinguish them. http://www.chinawatchs.com/new-version-in-no-1-d5-plus/
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  • Commenting time:2017/1/19 18:10:49
Message:hi there.. i tried to upgrade my d5+.i bricked it.So i tried to flash new official firmware but my smartwatch don't power on.. please help me
Reply:Hello, you don't need to turn it on, simply you need to reflash the firmware.
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  • Commenting time:2017/1/12 15:00:00
Message:Hi, can you see in the D5 + when a Whatsapp notification arrives the person who sends the message and the text of the message? Currently I have not been able to do it, it only shows me that I have a message, but it does not show the text or the person who sends it. Thank you.
Reply:Are you using watch helper? There is a better companion app for Android watches. M2D. You can download it on Google Play. Hope it helps. Thanks.
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  • Commenting time:2017/1/11 23:05:43
Message:Hello. I bought this smartwatch about one mounth. I'm being used for the past two weaks, and the baterry life it's terible. It only last 4h. I already done the lasted upgrade of the fw, and have the same problema.
Reply:Hello, mostly battery life depends on personal usage. Did you insert a sim card, wifi or bluetooth on? And 3G data drains the battery fast. But if it is not heavy used. You could reflash the firmware, it would solve your problem.
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  • Commenting time:2017/1/11 22:05:21
Message:Is it possible to flash the W613 firmware in the W612 D5+?
Reply:Warning! Do not flash the w613 firmware into the w612 version! It would brick your watch. And we will make two firmware for this two versions, so don't worry about it, the old version would update as usual.

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