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NO.1 D6 Official Firmware

While OTA upgrade firmware, please make sure power enough, 80% power or above. while OTA fail, please download firmware in official webpage only.

NO.1 D6 Official Firmware 2016-06-16 Solved RAM Bug : https://goo.gl/je2VDa

NO.1 D6 Official Firmware 2016-06-24 System Optimization: https://goo.gl/SF9MSH

NO.1 D6 Official Firmware 2016-07-16 System Optimization: https://goo.gl/lxbON4

NO.1 D6 Official Firmware 2016-08-01 System Optimization: https://goo.gl/lt30l2

NO.1 D6 Official Firmware 2016-09-18 System Optimization: https://goo.gl/Pw8pwI

NO.1 D6 Official Firmware 2016-11-14 System Optimization. 1. Compatible new 64+8FLASH ;
2. optimize standby current: https://goo.gl/sIwUyO

NO.1 D6 Official Firmware 2016-12-01 System Optimization: https://goo.gl/Gc90Hs

NO.1 D6 Official Firmware 2016-12-26 System Optimization: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4Ay_s354RncemRsU1BCRGljQlE

Firmware upgrade tool: https://goo.gl/lYRIII

Follow those steps upgrade firmware: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=356cm8t6MBs

Rewrite imei number tool download here :


How write imei number here: http://www.chinawatchs.com/how-to-write-imei-on-no-1-smartwatch/

NO.1 D6 official webpage: http://en.001phone.cn/product-no-1-d6-smart-watch-122.html

  • Contact:G-sensor not working
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  • Email:*********@freemail.hu
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  • Commenting time:2017/2/6 0:11:39
Message:Dear No.1, Please help me. In the D6 watch not working g-sensor. Ho to rapair and test it? Solution? (firmware upgrade and reset watch.. etc? Best Regards and thanks Pál
Reply:Hi there, a wired flash will solve such issue.
  • Contact:Drivers No.1 D6 for WIN10
  • Gender
  • Email:**************@hotmail.com
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  • Commenting time:2017/1/11 18:22:12
Message:Good morning. I cannot find the win10 drivers. I connect my D6, and the pc does not recongnize it. Sincerelly yours.
Reply:Hello, in official I would say you can't flash your watch with win 10, but there are some tricks make it possible. You can visit here.https://www.facebook.com/001phones/posts/926972064103309
  • Contact:Internet Connection failed
  • Gender
  • Email:*************@hotmail.com
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  • Commenting time:2016/12/29 12:25:25
Message:I've tried with wifi and even mobile data but still cant upgrade to the latest 20-dec viz OTA. I tried to reflash the 01-dec firmware and do OTA but still the same problem. Do you have the update file for me to upgrade locally? Thanks
Reply:Hey there, if it is because your bad network connectivity. Do you try update via wifi? Please wait patiently, we're gonna release a new firmware. Hope it solves your issue. Thanks.
  • Contact:where to download?
  • Gender
  • Email:***************@yahoo.com.au
  • Area:
  • Commenting time:2016/12/29 8:32:02
Message:Thanks for replying. When I tried to install driver using automatic update the Windows said: " Windows found driver software for your divice but encontered an error to install it. A service installation section in this INF is invalid." Where is location to download the driver and spflashtool so I can use to manual update? Thank you
Reply:Thanks for your reply. You can find it in the firmware package. SPtool and drivers.
  • Contact:D6 firmare manually update
  • Gender
  • Email:*****@hotmail.com
  • Area:
  • Commenting time:2016/12/22 4:35:57
Message:I've been trying to flash my D6 via computer, with my win 10, every time I download the zip file from here, Norton anti virus keep deleting "Flashtoollib.dll" considering it's not safe, please help, also I don't know the procedure with win 10, every body here doing it with vista or win 7
Reply:Sorry, the drivers are not work for win 10 and I don't know why Norton would take it as a virus, you could download a latest version here.https://goo.gl/Gc90Hs

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