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NO.1 G4 Official Firmware

NO.1 G4 Official Firmware

Version A: https://goo.gl/ulMXtl

Version B: https://goo.gl/szQjdf

Version C: https://goo.gl/bE1A5U

Version D: https://goo.gl/4bUQA5

Version E: https://goo.gl/4xcv0s

VersionA:Traditional, English
VersionB:English,Chinese, German,Spanish, Italian, French,Portuguese(Portuguese),Portuguese(Brazil), Russian,Turkish
VersionC:English,Chinese, Russian,Indonesian,Malay,Polish, Vietnamese,Hebrew,Arabic, Persian,Thai, Burmese
VersionD:English,Chinese, Czech,Polish, Dutch, Greek,Croatian, Dutch,Romanian
VersionE:English, Japanese, Korean

App work with NO.1 G4 smart watch, download here: http://bit.ly/1UsZR3J (only for android smart phone)

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  • Commenting time:2016/12/22 4:08:48
Message:Where can I find the instructions to update the firmware?
Reply:Hello, you can read it here. http://www.chinawatchs.com/mtk-smartwatch-update-the-proper-way/
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  • Commenting time:2016/9/20 10:18:25
Message:Hi I bought a G5. Korean attempt to update the firmware. There is no G5 firmware. Is it possible to use G4 Firmware?
Reply:Hi, friend. It not support it. http://en.001phone.cn/download-52.html Here is the NO.1 G5 firmware. Please check it. Thank you. :)
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  • Commenting time:2016/9/19 23:12:45
Message:Hi, can I download user guide in English, I don't know how to use some of the functions after purchasing the product, it came without the guide.
Reply:Hi, friend. We have a specification in the product accessories. If you still do not understand something, you can look at our product page. http://en.001phone.cn/product-no-1-g4-smartwatch-120.html
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  • Commenting time:2016/9/15 5:48:33
Message:come posso usare la vibrazione nella notifica
Reply:Hi, firend. You can enter the "settings"- "sound". Then you can setting your like.
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Message:How i can update No.1 G4 firmware ? I follow guide file and the program didn't download !?? And what is No.1 G4 android version ?
Reply:it maybe computer drive problem, could you find a xp systerm computer? Or do you remember where you bought the watch? Please contact their customer service to fix or change for you.

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