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Watch helper Connect with Android Smartphone

Watch helper Connect with Android Smartphone, if you can't download from watch QR code, just download here.

  • Contact:New watch faces
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  • Commenting time:2016/9/20 4:52:01
Message:Hello. Please tell how to upload new watch faces than the ones provided and downloaded through device. Is there a better app than watch helper that can do more? Or an update at least??
Reply:Hi, friend. Here is the course about DIY custom dial. http://en.001phone.cn/newsShow-160.html
  • Contact:watch helper App
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  • Commenting time:2016/9/12 19:17:59
Message:i can't download the Watch Helper App from google play cause they have deleted the app. Where can i download it?
Reply:Please find the app "Watch Helper" from smart watch. Then scan the QR code to download.
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  • Commenting time:2016/9/11 22:52:09
Message:How to I answer calls from my moto x on my d5
Reply:Hi, D5 is different from our other smartwatch, this one can't make a call without a sim card, but when you receive a call, you will get a notice from your watch.
  • Contact:no.1 g5 heart rate
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  • Email:**********@gmail.com
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  • Commenting time:2016/9/6 16:47:57
Message:this model has FAKE heart rate sensor. only shown figure between 74-84 but still wrong sensor. I think you should see this problem come with update firmware
Reply:Hi, we will update the firmware to solve this problem next week.
  • Contact:dark screen
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  • Email:**********@hotmail.com
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  • Commenting time:2016/7/21 13:03:57
Message:Have a problem. My watch. Dark screen. System work normal. But dark screen. I want to How to Repair.
Reply:Hi, which product do you means?

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