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NO.1 D5 Smartwatch Firmware

NO.1 D5 Android Smartwatch Firmware

20151224: https://goo.gl/PSROgK

20160510: https://goo.gl/CUuWbc
This firmware resolves the issue of ever-changing WiFi MAC address. also you can update through Wireless Upgrade on the smartwatch

20160530: https://goo.gl/NykB08

20160918 https://goo.gl/m0HfRf  Fix watchface bug

20160928 https://goo.gl/SD3l8G

If you lost your flash tool, download here: https://goo.gl/lYRIII

Follow this tutorial to upgrade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=356cm8t6MBs

NO.1 D5 official webpage: http://en.001phone.cn/product-no-1-d5-smart-watch-android-4.4-smartwatch-116.html

  • Contact:Update D5+ Firmware on D5
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  • Commenting time:2017/1/10 19:50:14
Message:Hi, can i upload the firmware dedicate to model D5+ on my model D5? Can the CPU MTK6572 support Android 5.1? Thank You
Reply:The first question, No, you can't flash the D5+ firmware to D5. And the second one, yes, but you would probably brick your watch, if you don't flash it successfully.
  • Contact:Google maps
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  • Commenting time:2016/12/23 3:11:16
Message:Hola, la aplicación Google Maps me sale cuadrada y no llena toda la pantalla redonda del reloj. Cómo puedo solucionarlo?. También quisiera saber donde puedo encontrar aplicaciones adaptadas a la pantalla redonda. Gracias.
Reply:Hello, you can find some round screen app here.http://www.chinawatchs.com/ten-best-apps-for-no-1-android-smartwatch/ And that's the limitation of the Android watches, for now we don't have choice to change the format.
  • Contact:Joe
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  • Email:**********@sympatico.ca
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  • Commenting time:2016/12/22 5:45:11
Message:Hi. I cannot see my folders on my Windows 10 computer when I connect the No.1 D5+. I can only see it if I select the option for camera or CD drive, not when I select for File Transfer. So I cannot copy files over to the watch.
Reply:Hi, sorry, we are also working for this. But for file transfer, you could install this app Wifi File transfer on google play. Thanks.
  • Contact:Question
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  • Commenting time:2016/12/21 20:57:23
Message:Hello. Will it be possible to upgrade our smartwatch to Android 6.0? And when will you make possible to send messages by bluetooth? Thanks
Reply:Hello, I know some users upgrade to Android 5.1. But it would probably brick your watch,and we wouldn't take responsibility. But for the second question,you can use M2D on google paly, it supports sending messages via Bluetooth.
  • Contact:Часы D5
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  • Email:*****************@mail.ru
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  • Commenting time:2016/12/21 14:32:19
Message:Здравствуйте! Часы перестали видеть сеть и звонить и отвечать на звонки. Сотовый оператор Мегафон Россия, а сим карта оператора МТС совсем не работает. Помогите решить проблему. Спасибо!
Reply:Hello, D5 sim support Unicom.And I'm afraid it can't support MTC. But if it does support,then problem maybe the IMEI numbers lost. You could check it on your watch.This is the tutorial how to solve IMEI numbers lost. http://www.chinawatchs.com/how-to-write-imei-on-no-1-smartwatch/

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