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NO.1 SUN S2 Official Firmware - NO.1 Phone

2015 Sep 2 Firmware

Version A: https://goo.gl/niydGL

Version B: https://goo.gl/lhC2ph

Version C: https://goo.gl/Sbyj0D

Version D: https://goo.gl/9CEQZB

 1, Automatic wake-up function, while you hand up the watch,
 screen will light. (setting in setting->Motion->Wake-up gesture)
 2, UV function

2015 Dec 09 Firmware

Version A: https://goo.gl/aWlenK

Version B: https://goo.gl/J2Neln

Version C: https://goo.gl/sH5RKr

Version D: https://goo.gl/TKY7R5

Version A: Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean.

Version B: English, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Turkey.

Version C: English, Chinese, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Vietnam, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Thai, Myanmar.  

Version D: English, Chinese, Czech, Finland,Greece,Croatia,Netherlands,Romania language

NO.1 S2 reset password is "1122"

If you can't download app through by scanning thedimensional code, you can download here: http://en.001phone.cn/download-29.html

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  • Commenting time:2016/9/21 0:02:10
Message:hello. how to add more clock to this watch? thank you
Reply:Hi, friend. NO.1 S2 can not add more clock.
  • Contact:Dead Watch
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  • Commenting time:2016/9/20 10:19:50
Message:Hello, I was doing the second firmware update on my watch when the download stopped. The watch will no longer turn on and it is no longer recognized by my computer as a drive. Any suggestions?
Reply:Hello, there is a reset button on the back of the watch. You can use the tools and let the watch reset. And then try to upgrade the firmware via computer. :)
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  • Commenting time:2016/9/19 23:26:07
Message:Good evening. I have this smartphone, but not Romanian language. Can I change from version to version B and D where Romanianlanguage . Thank you
Reply:Yes, of course. :)
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  • Commenting time:2016/9/10 3:04:28
Message:comment ca marche la mise a jour comment le faire ? merci montre S2
Reply:Hi, here is the course. http://forum.xda-developers.com/smartwatch/other-smartwatches/1-sun-s2-unboxing-hands-t3155190
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  • Commenting time:2016/7/25 19:39:10
Message:Hi I don't know that my watch firmware is latest..but on checking on mediatek smartdevice app..it shows the firmware date like 2015-4-17..can u please please reply me fast
Reply:Hi, it has a firmware date like 2015-12-9 as below. Please check it.

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