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NO.1 M2 Official Firmware

NO.1 M2 Official Firmware Nov 07: https://goo.gl/pn9KoP

NO.1 M2 Official Firmware July 13:  https://goo.gl/b5PtRQ

NO.1 M2 Android 4.4 firmware: https://goo.gl/3Kx4Jy

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  • Commenting time:2016/9/17 0:46:51
Message:hy I have a n01 m2 for some time it does not work the microphone I do not hear me talking during a call how can I fix thank you
Reply:Hi, you can try to update the firmware via computer.
  • Contact:Update fails
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  • Email:******@freenet.de
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  • Commenting time:2016/8/23 19:28:14
Message:Hello, I tried to update my phone (No.1 M2, but the updater don′t do it. The tool seems to be unable to find the phone. I use XP, but maybe you have a tool for Linux. Can I store the Data on Phone any other way?
Reply:Hi, this is the firmware. http://en.001phone.cn/download-18.html
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  • Email:********@yandex.ru
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  • Commenting time:2016/7/27 3:03:45
Message:Hello, I bought your phone 26.09.2015 on Ali Express from a seller Vifocal Technology Co. Ltd, less than a year as the battery died, after a complaint to the seller, he is more me did not answer, very sorry that you have such partners. Can I exchange or order from you the battery?
Reply:Hi, we not offer retail part of the watch. Please contact their customer service to fix or change for you.
  • Contact:micro ne marche plus
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  • Email:*******@hotmail.com
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  • Commenting time:2016/7/22 2:38:14
Message:j'ai eu mon téléphone il y a 2 jours et le micro ne marche déjà plus.. j'ai fait un redémarrage d'usine mais le problème est toujours la.
Reply:Hi, do you remember where you bought the phone? Please contact their customer service to fix or
  • Contact:Gps dont work
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  • Email:*********@gmail.com
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  • Commenting time:2016/7/20 19:26:21
Message:Hi, im from Portugal, recently acquired this model of mobile phone , not with you for the GPS to work, fix some tests with mtk ENGENERING and aparetemente not have fault , how can I solve this problem
Reply:Hi, do you remember where you bought the phone? Please contact their customer service to fix or

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