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NO.1 X1 Official Firmware June 23 - NO.1 Phone

NO.1 X1 newest firmware June 23, Optimizing speaker problem

Have any question, leave a message here or email to que@001phone.cn

We not solve after-sale problem. thanks

  • Contact:no se conecta
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  • Email:***************@hotmail.com
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  • Commenting time:2016/7/30 23:33:48
Message:No logro conectar a la red de 2 y 3 g de ninguno de los dos sim
Reply:Hi, you can try to update the firmware.
  • Contact:№ 1 X1
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  • Email:***********@gmail.com
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  • Commenting time:2015/8/16 19:40:27
Message:What is the reason? The second phone when struck again missing external sound. Can it be repaired?
Reply:In this situation, please ask the seller who sell you the watch, return then will solve your problem
  • Contact:x1 kitkat 4.4.2 doesnt see android wear in the store and cant instal this app
  • Gender
  • Email:****@o2.pl
  • Area:
  • Commenting time:2015/7/22 19:44:45
Message:Why x1 kitkat does not see android wear and can not install tkis app. I have new no.1 x1 phone and new lg g watch w100 and i can not connect them. Kitkatt 4.4.2 suppose to see android wear with outany problem. Please help
Reply:Hi, please update this firmware, fix the problem
  • Contact:spare parts
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  • Email:***********@gmail.com
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  • Commenting time:2015/7/14 3:40:56
Message:pls let me know where I can found a new battery for this mobile and the replacement for the cover of the charge port.
Reply:You can ask some of our cooperate online shop to buy such part
  • Contact:Diane
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  • Email:********@hotmail.com
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  • Commenting time:2015/6/29 15:53:13
Message:I have just receive my No 1 X Men X1 but have very bad reception if any, where as I had no reception problems with any of my other phones ! Can you tell me why? Thank you
Reply:Please try this firmware

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