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Agent Condition

Bussiness Cooperation Process

1. Foreign customers /clients

1.1. As for the retailers, please come toour on-line stores: http://en.001phone.cn/cooperate.html
1.2. As for the wholesale clients/reseller, pls contact us directly
Name: Que
Skype: quecc1989
Whatsapp: 86 15920099574
1.3. As for the exclusive agents, please sent us  in the following information, and then we will choose a suitable coorperation with you according to your team situation.
Region/country :
Forecast sales volume per month:
Team members:
sales model(online/offline):

2. Domestic merchants in china

2.1 As for the retailers, please come toour on-line stores.
2.2 As for the wholesale clients/reseller, please contact Mr Wei: TEL:15220219987

3, About payments

3.1 Delivery will be made after payment.
3.2 The payments from foreign customers should be made by USD. And the settlement price is subject to the quotation with latest exchange rate.
3.3 In China, the payments should be made by RMB. And the settlement price to the quotation with latest exchange rate.

4, Aboutafter-sale service

4.1. The customers who reserved goods in proportion will deal with after-sale service by themselves.
4.2 Battery: 2%; other materials: 3%. However, mainboard, camera, LCD and TP arenot included in the materails, if you need these spares, we will provide youthem according to the current price of the spares, but the quantity shall beless than 1% of goods shipped or to be shipped.
4.3 we will provide the spare projects for those agents whose order quantity isover 500 units each time
4.4. The other customers need to send the devices back to us for repairment, or we can offer the part of the phones to you fix yourself.