And finally: No.1 G9 comes to market

Our verdict: G9 is a brand new Android smartwatch that many people keep It was rumored that it was supposed to be market in The good news is that will release G9 in late may…

NO.1 DT58 VS NO.1 F4 colorful:Here is what’s new

Our verdict: Recently smart band manufacturer releases a new smart The design reminds me of their previous product F4 let’s have a look at what’s new this DT58 deal on Banggood FOR

No.1 DT58 review: It still packed with lots of features

Verdict: We will have another fitness tracker There are a lot of basic tracker out in the is cheap, but is it good enough? Display and Screen With DT58 smartwatch, is offering a larger

Meet No.1 smartwatch at MWC2019

More than 100,000 attendees and 2400 companies at the MWC(Mobile World Congress) is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry,gathering mobile manufacturers ,technology providers and mass media from all over the MWC2019 Kicked off at Bracelona,Spain, from…

NO.1 DT28 preview: Make the best of a budget watch

released a brand new smart watch in late February ,called DT will be a new series?And their new website goes alive: can we expect from their beginning of 2019? Display DT28 is available for…