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June 6, 2017
After sale service
June 6, 2017
DTNO.I Smartwatch Team

NO.1 recruit foreign agents:

In order to develop our foreign market, we are recruit the foreign agents. Such as Non-excusive distributor and Exclusive distributor.

(1) Non-exclusive Agent: Agents do not enjoy the franchise of sales in a particular region, just accept commissione to sell goods.

When you reach a certain amount of sales, we will give you a rebate. Or you need to promote resources and costs, we will help you to complete. If you have the strength of the conditions, but also can be transformed into our Exclusive agents.

(2) Exclusive Agent: The principal delegates the rights of the agent, enjoy exclusive franchise sales of a designated commodity in a certain area and within a certain period of time.

We need to sign the exclusive agent commsion at first. Including with annual sales target, each time inventory is purchased, sales assessment methods, renewal, termination conditions, exclusive agency price advantage and benefits and so on. If you are interested in it, please give us your informaiton.

Forecast sales volume per month:

Team members:

Sales model(online/offline):


If you wish to establish long-term cooperation with us, please contact our person in charge.

Contact name: Jayden Chan



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