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NO.1安卓智能手表D7 续航5天

走过了概念阶段,经历了装饰时期,在人们还在惊叹三星Gear D7出现在我们的视野中。 承诺D7拥有5天的待机时间,是之前D5,D6的双倍待机,这一改进确实蛮吸引人。 D7搭载了超省电双核芯片与Android系统,RAM 1G和ROM 8G内存恰到好处,成功实现能耗优化。此外,似乎更新到二代心率传感器,对日常的活动进行监测,更有内置运动跟踪器,全天候精准地监测您日常的睡眠时长和质量、运动量、卡路里、距离,帮助您完成运动目标。新增的指南针、海拔对比同行的手表也是比较少见的功能,这对于户外爱好运动者来说,无疑是一个优质的选择。 D7可插SIM卡使手表能够像手机一样独立使用,其3G网络和WIFI的顺畅程度,促使用户能够下载更多APP,开辟更多功能乐趣,使用起来也更加方便。 D7 不可或缺的。它可兼容Android和IOS系统的智能手机,此兼容性无疑会大大地增加受众群体。 D7 目前,相对比之前的D5+降低了很多,听说价格只要Apple Watch系列的1/10,这诚然是个非常有优势的价格。但这款手表仍然还没正式出售,估计近期会开始预售,不知道将让我们等待多久呢?

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NO.1 Android Smart watch D7, standby time 5 days

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What’s new with NO.1 D7

What's new with D7? what progress has made in this new model? D7 is MT6572, dual core Android Dual core? Why don't upgrade it to quad core, is it difficult for to make a quad…

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The First NFC Smart Watch NO.1 S9 On Sale

The new year smart watch should have some changes? has begun to launch the latest product S9 smart This is a new sport design, offers a smart watch with a Samsung At the same time,…

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How about 4G smartwatch — NO.1 smartwatch’s next target

What is a 4G network? What is the difference between 3G and 4G LTE? I know 4G network is very fast but I don't know how fast is And also why it usually called 4G LTE  stands for Long…

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How to use Pure NFC app with NO.1 S9 Electronic Business card function?

As you know, S9 supports NFC feature and this feature is used for Electronic Business But how to make it work? Here I want to make a short tutorial about how to use Pure NFC app with