Happy rooster year!

We are going to have a long vacation to celebrate we Chinese new Wish you all happy new We'll keep on hard working in the new year!

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No.1 F2 Smart Watch Band can go on a year without charging

As well as we known Chinese wearable makers kicked off the New Year 2017 with a new smart bracelet model and the F2 is a outdoor sporty type, which looks pretty massive at a first Based on…

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No.1 Smart Bracelet has the highest waterproof level IP68 in the world

Samsung S7 release, many users of this phone's water-resistant features This Samsung S7 has IP68 level waterproof ability, compared to our well-known IP67 level is more At the same time, F1 Smartband and F2 Smart watch…

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NO.1 F1 Smartband VS Samsung Gear Fit 2, which one is your like?

With the continuous development of intelligent hardware technology, the international smart wear equipment have also poured into the Intelligent device of mind, but also to more convenient services to human They help people to establish and cultivate healthy…

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How to create a clock skin for Android watches

I found some new Android watches users still asking how to create a custom watch Here I want to introduce a easy tool Clock Skin You can use it to create a clock And I would make a…

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How to use wallpaper as a watch face in D5+

Did you find the trick to use a wallpaper as a watch face? Maybe you all focus on the change to square format setting and ignore other very useful Here I want to introduce how to use wallpaper as…

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New version in NO.1 D5+

As the development of smartwatch, we have updated the DDR in DDR2 to DDR3, it's a storage update, so the old firmware can't use in the new And how to distinguish between the two versions? Here I…


Top 5 Best smartwatches you should not miss in 2017

Worldwide smartwatch market declined in Someone said 2016 wasn't a bumper harvest year for "Consumers have held off on smartwatch purchases since early 2016 in anticipation of a hardware refresh, and improvements in WatchOS are not expected until…

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Apple Watch rival : NO.1 G3+ Smart watch

What are your needs for the current smart table? The appearance of the size of the thickness to be close to the traditional table, life is not too bad, there should be texture, round, App application should be more cool…