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A significant OTA update in NO.1 D5+ Android watch

How to change to square format in D5+? No,there is no such We received many comments about this question and probably we'll say Although we all want to make it more user friendly, but for some limitation,we…

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NO.1 F1 Smartband Compare Fitbit Charge 2, Which is worth the user to upgrade?

recently issued a low-key F1 Relative to Miband 2, the battery life and waterproof level are relatively Well,  a display screen of the F1 Smartband with the internationally renowned Fitbit Charge 2 in appearance and function…

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Clash of Clans on NO.1 D6

What could a smartwatch do? Notifications, calls, fitness track, How about games on a smartwatch? Today I would show you how to play my favorite game COC on may think I'm crazy to play games on such a…

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Christmas Gifts – Think over No.1 smartwatches

Christmas of 2016 is Are you ready for the Christmas gifts? With smart hardware (smart watches, smartbands, VR, unmanned aerial vehicles) and other popular 3C digital products, send friends and family a gift with a sense of technology is…

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How to Update the Firmware of NO.1 F1 SmartBand?

For many people, smart wear products have some software smart watches, we can upgrade through the Flash new version of the software helps to make better use of the the Andrews smart watches, we can OTA upgrade,…

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The Most Worth Buying Smartbands of 2016

Wearable market is still a boom in In many devices, due to the smartband has the features of low price, fashionable appearance and variety of functions, it become many users first Now let’s discuss the most worth buying…


Top 5 best smartwatch 2016

What could a smartwatch do? Generally, smartwatch is a smartphone companion It supports notifications, call alerts, message, fitness features, app and other And of course, it could tell the With the development of smartwatch industry, more and more…

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Warning: Do not accept OTA update on Android watch– New OTA has solved this issue.

Recently, we received many complaints about OTA This OTA probably would disable the Google Play or delete IMEI We contact our engineer as soon as we received feedback Please be patient, we are working on this

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How to create a vxp watch face for tethering watch?

Hello,as my previous post,there is a way to install watch face in MTK 2502 tethering watch like Today I want to show you how to create a vxp watch First,you need install four MRE SDK; 2, ADS…


New Smart Watch System Will be Born, are You Looking Forward to It?

Sailfish OS is Jolla Company's Linux based mobile operating In 2013, the world's first mobile phone equipped with Sailfish OS officially listed shipments, mainly using third-party OEM manufacturers and OEM Jolla way sales But this kind of mobile…